Covid-19 Information

Please note that this guidance will be updated at the end of March 2021, once Bowls England has published their guidance on Returning to Bowls.

Dear Members,

We hope you are keeping well.

As a result of the governments recent relaxation of the Covid-19 lockdown the Management Committee has decided to open the club in a limited way from Monday 1st June.  To do this we will be following the government guidelines and also those issued by Bowls England.  

The safety of all members is of paramount importance to us all, so we have also produced our own Covid-19 Guidelines and a Covid-19 Dos and Don’ts document.  These should be strictly followed and read in conjunction with those from Bowls England, to allow bowling to take place with minimum risk. 

As the guideline documents are quite long it is quite possible that some people will have missed the specific guidelines for people aged 70 and over.  After seeking clarification from Bowls England, the committee thought it was very important that we should clearly point out these specific guidelines for people aged 70 and over.  In summary, Bowls England advised that people aged 70 and over should currently remain at home as much as possible even if currently fit and healthy.  Relaxation of these restrictions may change in the coming weeks.  We therefore recommend that if you do decide to participate in roll-ups that it would be best to do so either on your own or only with a member of your own household but if playing with a person outside of your household to keep to the 2-metre social distancing rule.

To access all of these Covid-19 documents please click here.

A brief outline of the guidelines for playing is shown below.  However, the full Club Covid-19 Guidelines document should be read fully before playing

  1. Three rinks will be used (2,4 & 6 – subject to change)
  2. Up to Four members only on each rink
  3. Rinks will need to be booked in advance through a booking coordinator.
  4. Each session booked will last for one hour and a double session (total of two hours twenty minutes) may be booked for pairs
  5. The clubhouse will remain closed and is out of bounds, equipment will be available in the shed
  6. Players must use their own bowls; club bowls will not be available.
  7.  Players must pay the nominal £10 membership fee before playing.
  8. Hand and spray sanitisers will be made available by the club to sanitise hands and equipment before and after playing.

The guidelines will be regularly reviewed and may be changed if necessary.

Bookings can be made now.  Click here for more details.

Please familiarise yourself with the Bowls England and Camberley Club documents before playing, and we hope you enjoy getting back on the green again.

Camberley B.C. Management Committee