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Camberley Bowling Club Green Characteristics

Green dimensions   38.4m x 38.4m           (World Bowls 31m to 40m)
Rink width (x6)          5.75m                          (World Bowls 4.3m to 5.8m)
Bank height               200mm                       (World Bowls > 230mm)
Ditch depth                150mm                       (World Bowls 50mm to 230mm)
Ditch width                 230mm                       (World Bowls 200mm to 380mm)

Side markers            2m and 25m from the ditch at each end
                                    (ref. 23m from T at each end)
25m mark overlap     11.6m
25m distance             13.4 from opposite ditch
                                    11.4m from opposite T   (Dead bowl if travel is less than 14m)
Side edge distance   0.52m

Rinks are moved sideway every day to even out wear.  
The positions are given by the blue yellow and red marks on the bank edges.

Monday              Blue
Tuesday         Yellow
Wednesday        Red
Thursday           Blue
Friday             Yellow
Saturday            Blue
Sunday               Red  

Blue rink is the central position.
Red rink is 1.2m to the left at the start end.
Yellow rink is 1.2m to the right at the start end.

The rink direction is changed every Friday to even out wear.

For rinks away from the clubhouse (north to south),  rink 1 is on the left.
Up, the start end, is away from the clubhouse.  Back is back to the clubhouse.

For rinks across the clubhouse (west to east),  rink 1 is nearest the clubhouse.
Up, the start end,  is from the right,  Back is from the left.
Bowling Information

Camberley Bowling Club
Southwell Park Road,  Camberley,  Surrey,  GU15 3QQ
Founded 1928
Affiliated to BE, SCBA & SCWBA