Camberley Bowling Club
Southwell Park Road,  Camberley,  Surrey,  GU15 3QQ
Founded 1928
Affiliated to BE, SCBA & SCWBA
Camberley Bowling Club was founded on the evening of  Monday the 12th of November 1928 at the first club meeting at the Victoria Hotel on London Road.  Members in attendance decided to amalgamate the Victoria Bowling Club (founded in 1906) and the Camberley Recreation Bowling Club (founded 1925 when the Southwell Park Road green was created).  

The 1928 to 1969 club meeting minutes show that the club was very active and run by many enthusiastic members, playing against many local (and not so local) clubs that are still in existence today.  Our Honour Boards show that club competitions generated much interest from the many accomplished bowlers over the years many of them being long term champions.

The existing clubhouse was erected in about 1972 and extended in 1985.  The changing rooms extension was added in 1996 and opened by Anneka Rice (John Rice's daughter).  Further information can be found in History of Camberley Bowling Club which gives some history of the London Road Recreation Ground and the founding and development of Camberley Bowling Club.   There are books referenced in this document that contain very interesting and unique images and information related to Camberley bowling and the London Road Recreation Ground.  Many of these books are available in Camberley Library.

The document mainly concentrates on the bowling club as an entity.  More needs to be added about the bowlers and their achievements which only partially gets recorded on honours boards.  

There is a lot of information yet to be mined in our club document archive.  Our members also have much knowledge and lots of  recollections of importance that would be very interesting to know about.

This history document will continue to be updated as more information becomes available.  If you have any additional historical information that you believe should be included please contact us.  

Early CBC Meeting Minutes
Amongst our clubs many documents are all past Meeting Minutes.  These start from the founding of Camberley Bowling Club in 1928.  The club has given a copy of the 1928 to 1960 meeting minutes to Surrey Heath Museum in Camberley as they contain much historical information about our bowling club and its links to the local community and many many other bowling clubs including Egham, Addlestone, Bracknell, Guildford, Byfleet, Woking, Hook. and many others

Meeting Minutes available are:-
CBC Meeting Minutes 1928 to 1946 - (100Mb file)
CBC Meeting Minutes 1946 to 1960 - (70Mb file)
CBC History
Bowling Group Photo Circa 1959?

It was great to hear from Phil Hicks of Hawley Bowling Club who had found information on our website about his father Thomas Hicks who was a bowler at Camberley Bowling Club.  

One of our photo's (shown above) includes Thomas Hicks together with a group of prominent CBC bowlers at our green in Southwell Park Road.  The precise date of the photo is not known but the match is assumed to be against Aldershot as the away captain H Smith, is labelled Aldershot Captain.  The names of all 18 bowlers are given below in the photo.  

To separate out the two teams, the ties give a clue to whether the bowlers are home or away.  The Aldershot players seem to have a common tie which is assumed for the present to be their club tie.  It is possible that the club is Aldershot Underwood.

It is postulated that the date could be 1959 based on the assumption that J Addington was captain as he is wearing a formal bowling jacket. On his pocket is the Surrey County Bowling Association badge. He was only captain (Wednesday) in 1959 so maybe this was a Wednesday match in 1959.  The view indicates that this is the CBC bowling green looking north. The shed in the background of the photo would have existed in 1959 and the 1954 clubhouse would have been located to the left.

There seem to be 8 Aldershot people including their playing captain and 10 CBC people identified from our honours board information.  It is probable that this was a 2 rink fours match.

If you have any further information related to this photo please contact CBC by email at

Back Row:-
H Jeffery (CBC Captain) - No cap, no tie
H Smith (Captain Aldershot) - No cap, no tie
G Heath (CBC) - white cap, Aldershot tie?
 - Champion of Champions (Toynbee) 1975
 - Men's Champion 1961, 1962, 1964, 1970, 1976
 - Men's Champion  Runner Up 1954
 - Mixed Pairs 1974
 - Close Cup 1956, 1975
 - Major Cup 1969
 - Men's George Shield 1975, 1976
P Day Aldershot) - White cap
E Hamilton (CBC) - No tie
 - Mixed Pairs 1961
 - Close Cup 1964
 - Major Cup 1964
 - Men's George Shield 1966, 1971
V Liddiard (CBC) - white cap, Aldershot tie?
 - Saturday Captain 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960
  - Major Cup 1963
WH Houghton (Aldershot) - Aldershot tie
E Staple (Aldershot) - White cap, Aldershot tie
B Trowbridge (CBC) - No tie
 - Wednesday Captain 1937, 1950
 - Close Cup 1976
 - Major Cup 1976

Front Row:-
NJ Smith (CBC) - White cap
 - President 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975
 - Men's Champion 1969
 - Close Cup 1960, 1972, 1973
 - Major Cup 1951, 1955
B Dicker (Aldershot) - Aldershot tie
J Hodges (Aldershot) - White cap
C Booth (CBC) - Aldershot tie?
 - Men's Champion Runner Up 1962
 - Close Cup 1955, 1962
WH Owen (Aldershot)  - Aldershot tie
 (CBC has a W Owen - Men's Champion Runner Up 1947 so may have moved club)
 (CBC has a W Owen - Wednesday Captain 1948, 1949)
G Dullingham (Aldershot) - assumed Aldershot club captain, jacketed
T Hicks (CBC)
  - Mixed Pairs Champion 1954, 1955
F Winterbourne (CBC)
 - Saturday Captain 1946
  - Men's Champion Runner Up 1945
  - Close Cup 1952
J Addington (CBC) - assumed CBC match captain, jacketed
 - Wednesday Captain1959
 - Mixed Pairs 1952